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$80.00 for both when purchased as a package deal.

 Palm Springs Windmill Tours is the only windmill farm tour that is endorsed by the Desert Wind Energy Association.  Our tour goes inside the fences onto the private property where no other tour can go making stops at the windmills to give you an up close view.  You will see several forms of sustainable energy; Wind, Solar and a Natural Gas Peaking plant.

 Learn why the San Gorgonio pass is considered to be the best place for sustainable wind energy development.  Tour an outdoor exhibit of various windmills that have been installed over the last 35 years and learn why some failed and some succeeded.  Stop at our headquarters on the property which houses a gallery of photographic history of the wind industry’s development in Palm Springs.  You will learn about all types of windmills throughout the area from the early Vestas to the newest 380 foot producing kilowatts of power for the Coachella Valley.

But, wind is not all there is to our tour.  You will visit the newest technology in our area…Solar.  Learn why this 3 year old solar energy project is revolutionizing solar in windy areas and what that means to our community.

Finally, the third side of sustainable resource….natural gas.  See the newest natural gas facility in the Coachella Valley and learn how it produces enough power to provide electricity for the entire valley.


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